Prestige Global Security, LLC

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Analyzing Security Threats Using the Latest Technology

Let the Prestige Global Security, LLC team of technology experts assist with security and crime prevention in the digital age with advanced security systems. We constantly evaluate technological solutions to meet your security needs.



With real-time monitoring and state-of-the-art surveillance services, Prestige Global Security keeps you safe 24 hours a day. These systems create an integrated, unified, and effective electronic security system that can be customized to your needs. We provide:

  • Turnstile Implementation
  • Video Installation & CCTV Surveillance
  • Central or Remote Operational Monitoring
  • Operation Laptop Monitoring
  • Access Control Systems
  • Proximity Card Scanners
  • Photo ID & Access Badge Implementation
  • Facility Assessment Programs

Emergency Services

When disaster strikes, we'll be there to keep you safe. In the event of an emergency, Prestige Global Security works with local, state and federal law enforcement as a liaison in a cooperative effort to distribute vital information received through the Emergency Notification System.

Crime Assessment Surveys

Let us help you with technology-assisted crime assessment surveys. We analyze individual tenant space or common areas for vulnerabilities and unauthorized building access. When a weakness is found, we customize a solution that may include:

  • CCTV Systems
  • Locks
  • Access Control Systems
  • Alarms
  • Check-In Procedures
  • Lighting
  • Key Control Procedures